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Not sure about a career? Take 2 minutes to answer these 30 questions. Your answers will help us guide you toward careers that match up with your interests and skills.

After this first step, ask our career counselors for a more in-depth and personalized career assessment. We'll provide you with job descriptions, course requirements, as well as salary and employment potential in this area. Then, we'll connect you to the TCC degree or certificate programs that will prepare you for that career.

Check all that apply
I like making things with my hands
I enjoy watching the Nova channel
I am musical or artistic
I like to talk with others to solve a problem
I like to be in charge
I am very organized
I like to be active and move around during the day
I prefer to work by myself with few interruptions
I like to write stories or poetry
It is important for me to provide a service to others
I read the business section of the newspaper
I make a budget and stick to it
I enjoy working outdoors
I make good grades in math classes
I take interesting photographs
I really liked English in school
I have been an officer of an organization
I prefer to work indoors in an office
I would like to install or repair computers
I would like to perform experiments in a laboratory
I like to perform for others (on stage)
I am a good listener
I like selling things or services
I like using a computer to organize files and data
I like to compete in sports
I like spending time in science museums
I enjoy attending art exhibitions
I enjoy teaching others how to do something
I would like to run my own business
I like knowing exactly what to do at work

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